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Gustave Flaubert 


Born:12. Dec 1821 in Rouen, Normandy, France;French magazine were shown: 
Died: 8. May 1880 in Kanteleu, France-Normandy) 

Flaubert grew up in Rouen, as a younger son of the chief doctor at the city hospital, and experienced, as with his official residence, as was customary, bordered to the hospital, suffering and dying there at close range. He was held as a talented but not very disciplined student, who preferred his time reading and writing to spend learning. In the summer 1836, Flaubert fell in love with the seaside resort of Trouville-sur-Mer in a somewhat older woman, Elisa Schlesinger, which occupied him for years as a large, unattainable love, and his writing inspirierte.

Auf urging of his father, he began studying law, but which he abandoned. Yet he made in those years long journeys, that being last on the trail ihn

1850/51 Chateau Briand in the Middle East, especially to Egypt. After the return was directed at a Flaubert his widowed mother, and led to his and her heritage is a retired. Flaubert wrote already tirelessly since his youth, first in the style of Romanticism. But he put such high demands on himself that he had unpublished manuscripts of all for many years. His first printed work was finally started der

1851 novel Madame Bovary.

1856 novel Madame Bovary appeared in the feature pages of the Revue de Paris. The novel took him once a process for infringing the customs, but were Flaubert and the magazine was 

1857 thanks to the clever pleading her lawyer acquitted Flaubert. The process worked out in the end even positive, for he helped the book version, as it came out in 1857, a commercial success. It represents the story of a farmer's daughter, after her marriage to a village doctor quickly dissatisfied with her, although they loving, but honest man, and not least because they are following the example of novels and women's magazines a life of passion and luxury dreamed of. Although she manages to do by means of two love affairs and a certain level of luxury consumption, some steps of the implementation of such a life, but caught up again from the triviality and narrowness of their actual conditions, until they finally overwhelmed by debt suicide begeht.

The Bovary and the Education as epoch-making for the development of the European novel are, due to the idea of Flaubert, his protagonists are no longer (such as Balzac did this) to design an exceptional person, but is considered completely unheroic Durchschnittscharaktere.Flaubert as one of the best stylists of the French literature and considered a classic of the novel. Together with Stendhal and Balzac, he forms the trinity of great realistic narrator France. Just like the other two he was to be received by the Académie française not worthy.

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