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A few words of serigraphy 'LUX 0 R' by CBB Bloemertz 1997 technique

This screen-printing (serigraphy) was created by a complex technology. The figure emerged after the original oil painting 'Luxor' by CBB, with the location Museum Boca Raton (Florida). After photo-technical screening methods using five colors slides and transfer to the printing screens. The pressure in this operation could be realized only after extensive quality-of-hand review of the slides as the screens. The whole process took about 6 months. The numbered and hand-signed edition is limited to 150 copies. An addition additional pressure of 23 specimens (15% of the support staff as usual dose) was (Epreuve d'artiste - Artists pressure) with EA said. Printed on 280g heavy handmade paper. Sheet size 61/85 cm, image size cm mirror 50/60. Creation 1997.Bildinterpretation by CBB

The work is a vision and no photographic place report. The painter had lifelong memories - Part memories of this magical place of the upper Nile-section - from literature, memory-intensive various image particles from tourist guides, films as well as TV, especially the resulting to put things before them emotional, atmospheric mood performances he aged on the canvas screen realized - without ever having visited the place. The sense of mystery, old, dilapidated cultures, the light at night the desert close behind the clouds, translucent to orange blur, the waters of the Nile, the contours of the current coast on the right hand side diagonally to the right-top serrated got lost, lit softly. The irradiated ruins posed by the slender tree fantasy on the left-hand side and with the rudiments of columns at the bottom in the water seem to go down - as their cultures. The primary colors of various shades of blue - from dark blue to lighter shades, the depth effect by black contours reinforcing, be-act a hypnotic, exotic atmosphere, soothing and exciting at the same time, concealing secrets.
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