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Lindner, Richard
born: 1901 Hamburg
died: 1978 NewYork

Richard Lindner emigrated from Germany in 1933, going first to Paris and then, in 1941, to the United States. 

Living in New York in the 1950s, he developed a personal style that partook only marginally of the concurrently emerging Pop approach. From German "Neue Sachlichkeit" of the 1920s he took the cool, objective view of the human figure and its occasional exaggeration to the point of grotesque caricature, and combined these with the bright, expansive color fields and borrowings from commercial art and consumer goods of the new American art. 

Lindner stylized characters and symbols of the big city and American society in general into composite, as if montaged fetish objects, such as Tprget No. 1 of 1962. Here the confrontation between male and female is compared to taking aim at a bull's-eye. Leopard Lilly of 1966 is also concerned with motifs from the urban environment, and especially with the relationship between men and women. 

The oil has the look of a painted collage, composed of abstracted, alienated, and superimposed sexual symbols.

April 1974- Richard Lindner: Interview in Art International


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