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160 Künstlerinnen und Künstler präsentieren etwa 3000 verkäufliche Exponate in 28 Ausstellungen 160 artists will present some 3,000 exhibits in 28 exhibition salable
Neu>> Viele Preise basieren auf Verhandlungsbasis, auch dann, wenn diese angegeben sind. Bei den Preisen auf Anfrage können Sie einen Preisvorschlag machen, und zwar per Telefon  02604 7270 oder E-Mail New>>Many prices are based on a negotiated basis, even if they are given. The prices on request you can make a price proposal, either by telephone 0049 2604 7270 or e-mail:


Very honoured exhibition visitor,

if you liked to need more information about a picture or order one, indicate please the fat-printed part number below the picture and enquire if the picture is still available on stock. E-Mail

With all exhibits shown it concerns either around unique specimens, original lithographies, original etchings, original screen printings or heliogravures sees itself here description of technique and with the posters 4farb offset printings. 

All images are in bulk storage. If you want to visit a picture before buying I ask for an appointment, about 2 days before.   

Payments are through bank-remittance possible or also over PayPal, in this case you pay to

Hans Terwege
Hauptstraße 31
D 56379 Weinähr / Germany
Phone: 0049 2604 7270

PS:  Arrange your own poster exhibition with 5 different posters (4 Chagall + 1 Picasso). 

placha02, placha03, placha04, placha05 and plapic01 all together € 114,50

Copy when ordering: placha02, placha03, placha04, placha05 and plapic01 all together € 114,50  E-Mail

The dispatch and packing costs by insured package or dispatch role amount to 8 EURO, without insurance € 5,40.  With the dispatch of several diagrams by package or dispatch role only once the fee, this results applies within the Federal Republic of Germany.  Foreign forwarding expenses on request.


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