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Dieter Asmus was born on 1 March 1939 in Hamburg

Dieter Asmus is a contemporary German painter and graphic artist of the New Realism, co-founder of the group "ZEBRA", the first a "new realism" of modernity without resorting to the prior art extracts. 

1971 Scholarship of the Cultural Committee of the Federal Association of German artists. 

1959 School of German Industries (BDI) 

1960-67 College of Fine Arts Hamburg 

1960 and later, numerous solo and group exhibitions in London, Rome, Copenhagen, Paris and Rotterdam 

1964-65 manifesto and officially founded the group ZEBRA 

1965 Artistic exam for teachers Annual, USA 

1967 Scholarship of the French government to 

1972 Balsthalertal art prize for graphics (Teacher: Richard Lindner) 1974 Commission Award 

1985 Member of the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg 

1979 Member of the German Association of Artists 

1979 Art Award for painting Wolfsburg 

1990 Member of the Federal Artists 

Many exhibits are in public collections, such as in the State Gallery in Stuttgart, Albertina, Vienna, Berlin National Gallery, National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, Hamburger Kunsthalle, etc. 

Literature by and about Dieter Asmus in the catalog of the German National Library in Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main.


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