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Hans-Jürgen Wormeck

born: 1941 in West Prussia 

The painting is dedicated to the 1941 was born in West Prussia WORMECK still a schoolboy. One consequence of this passion was the study of art in Mainz and Berlin. After an assistantship in Dortmund, he decided to seek a home where he can live with his longing for nature. 

Early in his artistic work, the etching was in the foreground. To date, it is particularly sensitive this art form one of its major languages. Hans-Jürgen WORMECK can be inspired by the landscape and its secrets. He varies the theme of subtle between objectivity to alienation, for example by formation of abstractions at different deformations.

The elements include Hans-Jürgen WORMECK yew wood, the color indigo, gold, parachute silk and tissue paper. From these materials, the artist produces strange things, like giant lollipops from tissue paper or small jewelry boxes that are filled with concrete, in turn, scored a high level or a lollipop is inserted.

WORMECK is a lateral thinker, poet, researcher and players

"Do you sometimes feel that you are crazy?" Hans-Jürgen WORMECK was asked by a critic in terms of its Pannonian world. "Of course I'm crazy," says the artist. "It would be terrible for me, if I had to stay in the insanity of normality". Precisely for this position, which also allows a completely functional free action, can cause things that raise questions, enchanted surprise, and secrets concealed within. "If you feel something, given my art, I'm on the track," says Hans-Jürgen WORMECK. "Art is not bound by space and time, to no morality and convention, you go from one place and looking for another place in us self ist.Quelle. Donald Wood 

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