Helmut Ullrich

       The analysis of the picture "Message of the pigeons at Ariadne in the labyrinth" is reflected in the interpretations of the different authors again as follows: 


In the * verism style, with largest meticulousness painted oil picture of the Surrealist, Helmut Ullrich, is a masterpiece in composition, colour and expression.  The viewer becomes of swearing to a magic world.  The work in its modern conviction is painted in an old-masterly technology.  The luminosity of the colours, the softness of the modulation, could be achieved only by the grey tempera colour under painting, which was arranged with many resin oil glazes in the technology of the Renaissance painters by Ullrich.



Ariadne, the daughter of the king Minos gave the ball of thread to Theseus, whereby he found out from the labyrinth again (Ariadnethread).  It fled with it, however by it on the island Naxos was left.  Dionysus found it and raised it to its wife.  Their crown shifted Zeus under the stars.



figured the Ariadne, when ideal symbol of the Mrs., those the message, which by war, wrong and misery, in their its threatened mankind, when receives two white peace pigeons.  In this picture the quality and love of the woman embodies the retaining strength of the divine and the unit of the soul as last refuge.  It is surrounded by the classicalitecture of the silence.  The interspersed ball, pyramid, circle and cube with magic mysterious "A" contrast with the flying feathers/springs and stress at the same time the perspective allocation of chamfer between front and background.  The shell in their many interpretable ness dismisses a heterogeneous atomic cloud, which disappears with its amorphous mutations mysteriously and threateningly into a door.  Behind the door, for the viewer a hidden world, which is full secrets, symbolizes a tension releasing alienation. Thus the picture achieves a metaphysical expression, which swears to the viewer to a transcendental Meditation.  Here the art is converted as against world and as an escape aid from the world of the reality into a universal poetry.  Dream as putting imitation and as entrance into a new fantasy questioning contains this work.  The Ariadne signals a new luck experience, which contains a perfect beauty of the woman to the viewer.  With its over-real face expression, that tenderly eye song, the surely arranged fold throw of the dress and their statutory peace, show they shade surrounding from being able the artist, who has a special value in the surrealism. 


Helmut Ullrich is presently the most important still living Surrealist in Germany. 


The fantastic art is past, present and future, it might by mental metamorphosis surreal have become.  As the artist came to the idea of the picture design, can hardly be fathomed, because a creative procedure in surrealism develops from the intuition.  It to fly ideas comes from the world of the unconscious one, which locks for an objective analysis.  The night and.  Conference areas, appear to the artist not in a perfect composition, but are blurred and must only by hard work be made visible.  Not the artist, but the work gives himself or herself after a picture questioning the title.  Max Ernst said that highest is in the art the poetry.  As this could be better documented than in this masterpiece. 

Compilation of the author texts with own additions:  Hans Terwege


*The verism (verismo), originally from Latin word verus > wahr<, was a literary current 19.Century in Italy, which resulted particularly from the French naturalism.  In the forming art verism shows an exaggerated form of the realistic representation method.