Helmut Ullrich is the most important Surrealist in Germany, that among other things in the Vademecum (Latin vade mecum > go with me<) confronted with Shakespeare and Nietzsche cut-out of its picture "THREATENED WORLD" (the world is out of joint: Shakespeare, Hamlet) presents. 

This book from 1970 (out of print) edited by Bruckmann, Munich, contains the aphorisms (sayings) of the greatest minds in human history, such as: Poets, Thinkers and Phiosophers: Gotama Buddha, Kungfutse, Demokrit, Platon, Epikur, Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe, Kant, Arthur Schopenhauer, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche...

Furthermore, in the Vademecum images of such greats as the painters and sculptors: Michelangelo 1475-1564, Francisco Goya, Albrecht Dürer 1471-1528, Albrecht Altdorfer um 1480-1538, Rembrandt, 16o6-1669, Franz von Lenbach, 1836-1904, Oskar Kokoschka 1886-1980 and Helmut Ullrich, 1915-2012.

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