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De Vlaminck, Maurice
born: 1876 Paris
died: 1958 Rueil-la-Gadelière

Maurice de Vlaminck was a professional racing cyclist and musician before coming to painting. After meeting Andre Derain in 1900 and Maurice Henri Matisse in 1901 he became one of the most exuberant of the Fauve artists. Vlaminck's paintings range from. dark and luminous to brilliantly polychrome, in works done by squeezing the paint straight out of the tube onto the canvas. Also active as a writer throughout his career, Vlaminck once stated, "My passion urged me to every sort of daring against the traditional in painting... I transformed all of the feelings I was capable of perceiving into an orgy of pure colors. I was an enamored, impetuous barbarian. I composed by instinct." Stit! Life with Flowers and Fruit is one of the more reserved of Vlaminck's works, and reveals the influence of Paul Cezanne. An apt description was provided by G. von der Osten: "The table rises up, indeed veritably tips forward towards us.-. jug, fruit bowl, vase with flowers - they seem aflame with colar-. . One sees subtle gradations of blue, white and ocher.. - Thus what initially appears quite randam turns out ta be carefully constructed. The Fauve painter de Vlaminck has subjugated his revellings in color to a form that owes its character to the compelling force af Cezanne."


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