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Report on the background of the artist-group

The artist-group was founded in 1976 with the help of surreal artist Professor Mac Zimmermann who, at the time, still taught at the Academy for the Educating Arts in Munich, with a collection of works from himself and students at the Academy to support the group.

During the early stages of the art exhibitions, we enticed many people, using famous artists´ works, to peruse through unknown as well as famous artists.  Therefore we found exhibitions were best held into the auditorium of schools and universities, in town halls, concert or theatre buildings and assembly halls.

The kind of these exhibitions should address all layers in the population and did it also by active interest among other things also from pupils and students.  

In the art exhibitions by didactical explanations of the different mark techniques by detailed contributions were represented, among other things



Particular importance acquired the art exhibitions of the artist group with the exhibits of the MODERN CLASSIC, from the Cubists Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol to the Popmaler: 

The above-mentioned artists ( last name first) as well as other artists, a total of 165 available click here 

Accents of the different art trends of more recent time presented the work of the group of artists,  die partly quite with the exhibits shown of the CLASSICAL MODERN ART could measure.  

(ART EXHIBITIONS 1976 to 2010) In the years from 1976 to 2000 the group of artists mostly organized altogether 378 art exhibitions most in the larger cities of the Federal Republic Germany. Published press reports on our homepage show that this kind of the art exhibitions in the media was quite judged with positive criticism. 133 000 art-interested people has the one-day installations of the art exhibitions visited that were nevertheless on average approx. 350 persons per exhibition. 

Of 2001 the start begun with the Internet exhibitions. 

With the Internet exhibitions of approximately 100 artists among other things the CLASSICAL MODERN ART,  the history painting and a photo exhibition in combination with exhibits of the group of artists, is the form of the earlier art exhibitions far presented will. Hans Terwege.


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