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CBB - Prof. h.c. Dr. Carl Bruno Bloemertz
Born 1919 in Linnich near Aachen (Aix-La-Chapelle), dead 31.10.2007 in Wuppertal

Since 1979 member of the Artist Group.   

Artistic Education:
Painting: Distinguished Scholar under Prof. Herm Dienz
Graphics: Anton (Gerharz (Mourlot, Paris)
Music: Prof. Hauck, Cologne, Violin
Artistic Theory: Prof. Otto Siegel, Prof. Hermann Unger, Co-
logne. Prof. Walter Niemann. Leipzig

New Painting Techniques:
ADAPT-ART (Psychograms according to the Lüscher-Test)
Semigraphic.s (Mixed Media. using silk screen)

More then 550 Single Ezhibits und Group Exhibits a.o, in:
Germany: Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Cologne. Bonn,
Bad Godesherg, Bayreuth,Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Munich,
Hamburg, Kaiserslautern, Cuxhacen, Bremen,
Münchengladbach, Ludwigshafen, Göttingen, Baden-Baden
Other European Countries: Paris, Vienna, Milano, Lucerne,
Altenrhein/St.Gallen, Strassburg, Bari/ Italy, Temesvari
Roumania. Kavala/ Greece, Pont Aven,Bretagne (Centre Paul
U.S.A.: Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Washington, New York

Represented in numerous private collections and museums.

Subjext of numerous newspaper articles, art publications
and books. especially:
ARS NOVA Edit. Monika Beck 1985. Handbook for the
Buyer of  Graphics
E. Bücken, "The violet Harp", I.yrics for the painter CBB
H. Halne, "Er-fahrungcn", "Art and Artists"
H. Schmidt, Biography Prof. Herm Dienz
F. Mies, "Wuppertal from 8-8", "Personalities of the 'Bergischen'
Land", "the new· Generation, "Fascination North Rhine
Westphalia`', ,,Humans living human lifes"
F. Mies, Hans Meiser, "Thc Human is the message"

Fields of artistic work:
Oil, Etchins; Silk Screen, Water Colors, Drawings, Book Illu-
strations, Covers (Books, Records, CDs, Computer Graphics)

Serigraphic Albums:
"The Buttertly Pig"with Lyrics by Dr. Ludwig Pesch
(Edit. Monika Beck)
"Firebird Suite". ,.Poseidon Album", also "Nibelungen Album"
 in the Edition "The Silkscreen"
Lüheck und France (Eclition "le tamis")
Individual works for the Edition ,.Tambour". Cologne
Silkscreen Editions for the world-wide distribution JAC and
TURBON International with public presentation at the
DRUPA  resp. CEBIT Fair 1991 and Las Vegas 1992

Order of Merit of the German Federal Repulalic for Cultural
Gold Medal  European Cultural Circle
1988 named Professor Honoris Causa by the International
Institute for Europan Culture, Cremona and University of

Abstract Painting - an optical acustic
interpretation of the works of Prof. Herm Dienz
Premiere at the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn (1969)
"Richard Wagner in Lucerne"
Premiere at the Stadttheater Bavreuth
Collaborator at the TV-Film "Descartes" (Dr. Eike Pies)

TV and Radio:
HR, WDR, ARD. Deutsche Welle, Wuppertaler Rundfunk

Publication of Sonnets in Buencrs Aircs, Argentina.
Premiere of the String (Quartet "(Concert at the lake"
(Hommage ä IMF) of the Prague Composer Adolf Gebauer
in 5 movernents to 5 pictures of the f'ainter CBB on January
13 and. 14, 1994,  performed. in Prague by the internationally
renowned "Kocian-Quartett".
Official Invitation to exhibit at the Second Exhibition at RTL-
creaTFV', Hürth 1994.
Full Artist Member of the "Künstlerverein Malkasteri ` Düssel-
dorf. Menther of the BBK (Association of Professional Creati-
w Artists) of Germany.
Member of the ARTIST GROUP since 1979.

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