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Francisco Bores
born: 6 May 1898 in Madrid
died: 10 May 1972 in Paris

In this exhibition, among other things, original lithographs by Francisco Bores in 1937, title: "EARTH" - ONE OF THE FOUR ELEMENTS - which he for the first Verve edition, published by E. Tériade, Paris. In this edition Verve the other items as original lithographs by Joan Miró - caption: Air, Fernand Léger -Image Titel: Water and Abraham Rattner Image Titel: Fire  E. Tériade edited. The cover was made especially as an original lithograph by Henri Matisse mat062.

Moreover, in the first Verve edition includes photographs of the photographer Man Ray (photo by Dora Maar), Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai (Gyula Halasz), and Erwin Blumenfeld.

The publisher E.Tériade E., 4, Rue Ferou (6e), Paris, 1937-1960 26 Expenditure VERVE - edit (No. 1 38, including 12 double issues), and that with original illustrations of famous modern classic by including Braque , Chagall, Léger, Masson, Matisse and Picasso. Henri Matisse's last creative period from 1950 until his death in 1954 presented in the VERVE No. 35-36.

Bores first studied engineering and law as well as 3 years of painting by Cecilio Pla, copied in the Prado Goya and Titian. He takes up connection to the Spanish avant-garde, illustrates important journals, such as Spain, Alfar, horizons ..., some with wood cuts. In the extensive oeuvre took still lifes and landscapes a lot of space.

In 1925 he met Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris.

E. Tériade, Paris, editor of Cahiers d'art, writes a very positive evaluation of the work of Francisco Bores

Bores had numerous solo and group exhibitions both in France and abroad: Brussels, Rome, New York, Dublin, Ottawa, Luxembourg and The Hague.

He was friends with Jean Cocteau, Louis Aragon, André Breton, Andre Derain, Paul Eluard, Henri Matisse, Abraham Rattner, Man Ray and the publisher E. Tériade.

Solo shows as plenty of choice:
1927 Paris, Galerie Percier, positive feedback from the editor, E. Tériade, Paris, Cahiers d'art (Volume 3)
1931 Paris, Galerie Georges Bernheim
1933, Berlin, Galerie Vavin-Raspail
1938 Hollywood, Stanley Rose Gallery
1939 in New York, Buchholz Gallery
1950-1956 Paris, Galerie Louis Carré, some with descriptions and interpretations of E. Tériade and Jacques Lassaigne

Numerous group exhibitions selected:

1922 Madrid, Salones Oficiales-National Exhibition of Fine Art.
Madrid in 1925, first exhibition of the Iberian Artists' Society.
1928 New York, Valentine Gallery.
Madrid in 1929, the Botanical Garden
1930 New York, Museum of Modern Art
1934 London, Zwemmer Gallery, exhibition of Salvadore Dali and André Beaudin
1900-1950 London, Royal Academy of Arts
1954-1959 Paris, Galerie Charpentier
1958 New York, Guggenheim Museum.

Die vier Elemente des Universums / the four elements of the universe Original Lithografien/Lithographs - Joan Miró, Fernand Léger, Francisco Bores + Abraham Rattner
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